La Belle Classe Academy

La Belle Classe Academy

Management in the yachting world

With La Belle Classe Academy, the YCM aims to encourage development and promotion of yachting professions. A commitment to build the future!

4 Days




Yacht Club de Monaco




Day 1: Leading self Understand yourself, your motivations and your purpose, create your goals and develop your strategy for success. Explore the hierarchy on board and how it progresses and identify the department head’s priorities.

Day 2: Leading others Explore communication with others and how to manage time, tasks and stress to achieve the objectives by helping others attain theirs. Practise sharing ideas on behaviour by using the FBI (Feeling + Behaviour + Impact) feedback model.

Day 3: Leading teams Learn the skills and behaviours that leaders need in order to engage and motivate their teams to achieve their shared goals and deliver results. Understanding the different leadership styles and when to use them.

Day 4: Support your team’s growth Learn to develop a culture of teaching on board, taking into account the different ways of learning and development needs of your crew members and helping them give of their best. Learn what motivates people and how to link this to their performance goals.


14th - 17th November from 9.00am to 6.00pm.


€2,300 per person and €2,760 per person for non members.

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La Belle Classe Academy