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Cybersecurity for yachting sector

31 January 2023

2 Hours


English / French




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Course structure:

A 2-courses program to give captains and officers the keys to manage cybersecurity without IT security Skills.

The program focuses on management, technology, human behaviors, good practices and protocols, compliant with the IMO guidelines


Module 1:  “The essentials of cyber security for a yacht” 2pm-4pm

Topics Covered:

– A yacht’s weak points

– Types of attack

– Good practices and solutions

– Taking action in event of danger

– IMO 2021 cybersecurity regulations



  • 31st January- in English
  • 28th February – in French
  • 4th April – in English

Module 2 : “Knowing how to manage the crew : first line of cyberdefence on a yacht” 2pm-4pm

Topics Covered:

– Raising crew awareness of cybersecurity and sense of responsibility

– How to act with mobiles (smartphones, tablets) to avoid major risks

– Cyber briefings for every new crew member

– Good practices on board : crew and subcontractors

– Managing cybersecurity on board: prevention, detection, reaction to danger

– Collectively improving cybersecurity as an ongoing process



  • 2nd February- in English
  • 2nd March – in French
  • 6th April – in English

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150€ for members per module 

180€ for non-members per module 

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