La Belle Classe Academy

La Belle Classe Academy

Art of Service

With La Belle Classe Academy, the YCM aims to encourage development and promotion of yachting professions. A commitment to build the future!

6 Days




Yacht Club de Monaco




Day 1: "Knowing yourself" the best way to succeed

The first step towards improving your communication, emotional inteligence and leadership skills is self-awareness. Through our Talent assessment and LH Dynamics training, our coaches will guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and others. We are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself you can be. That's why the first day is all about finding out where your talents lie. Our coaches will guide you step by step to success

Day 2: Bartending basic level 

Bartender: a profession in its own right!
This is your chance to learn the ‘must-have’ basics to work effectively on board. We cover how to set up the bar, the tools needed to perfect techniques and the importance of choosing the right glass to achieve perfection. You will feel more confident and creative.

Day 3: Bartending advanced level

Continue to work on your technique and build your confidence - from improving your knowledge on a wide variety of spirits to decorating drinks with finesse. Mixology is more than just mixing drinks. You’ll learn how to stimulate the senses and create unforgettable guest experiences.

Day 4 & 5: Service specialist 

This two-day programme will guide you through the different service styles we practise in Silver Service and Synchronised Service.

• role of sterward(ess)
• service management & organisational approach
• service styles, service sequence and service plan
• table settings and table seating
• wine and Champagne service techniques
• communication – verbal and non-verbal
• Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
• presentation techniques
• blending protocol & etiquette
• how to handle complaints with ease and grace

Day 6: Cigars, hookah & specialty teas

Our three workshops will help you to familiarise yourself with luxury products and ensure you feel comfortable serving them.


From 7 to 12 November 2022.


€575 per person per day.

€690 per person per day for non-members. 

Upcoming courses

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La Belle Classe Academy